News // 25 June 2018

Female Business Travellers – What Women Want

As the percentage of women in senior and board positions continues to rise, the female traveller is one of the fastest growing segments of the corporate travel market. One that cannot be ignored.

The Rise of the Female Traveller

In the last decade the number of women on boards of FTSE 100 companies has increased from 11% to 28% and a recent report revealed that the UK’s most successful companies usually have a large percentage of females in senior management roles.

It is also true that the majority of all travel decisions are made by women. A recent piece of research, carried out by Forbes, found that 80% of all decisions around travel, including booking flights, restaurant reservations and hotel choices are made by the fairer sex.

Business Advantages

A report from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration found that hotels which considered womens’ needs and preferences experienced increased profits and more positive customer feedback.

Growth in business was achieved when hotels introduced features such as female only floors, covered parking close to the hotel lobby and female ‘networking tables’ for women who prefer not to dine alone.

What Women Want

Research suggests that women are influenced by two main factors when booking business travel. Comfort and safety.


– Good night’s sleep: Research conducted by National Sleep Foundation and Hilton Hotels found that women are 20% more likely to be concerned with their quality of sleep than male colleagues. They expect decent pillows, a quiet and relaxing room and a comfortable mattress.

– Quality toiletries: To appeal to female guests, bin the combined shampoo and conditioner. Women do remember extra touches and are often loyal to chains who make them feel valued. Provide separate products, of a good quality and refills when needed.

– Healthy dining options: Many reports have found that women will check a hotel’s dining options before booking and are often looking for wide menu (restaurant and room service), with clean eating options. Also, some mention that they prefer a discreet dining area for lone travellers.


Research conducted by Premier Lodges found that 42% of female corporate travellers are worried about their safety when on the road. Many have reacted positively to hotels that have offered the following services:

– Providing an escort to hotel rooms, especially in the evenings.

– Providing rooms close to lifts.

– Discreet check-in, with unnumbered room keys.

– Well lit and secure parking areas.

– Peep holes on hotel doors.

Beyond Business Travel Can Help

As a female led travel company, we value our all our clients and ensure their needs are met during each business travel trip. The focus of our team of Account Managers is to find ways to give you the best possible value, whatever your travel budget and specialist requirements or preferences are.

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