What We Do

Travel Risk Management

Keeping your business travellers safe and productive.

From car accidents, to medical incidents, natural disasters, lost baggage and substantial delays, things can and do go wrong.

Your employees are the most valuable part of your company. Let us help you fulfill your duty of care by protecting your people, your bottom line and your reputation.

risk management

  • Traveller Tracking:
    Know where your people are at all times, and contact them instantly.
  • Travel Alerts & Updates:
    Real time alerts sent directly to travellers affected by disruption. We contact employees directly to offer advice and make alternative arrangements and bookings.
  • Local Knowledge:
    Beyond keeps up to date with events in all Foreign and Commonwealth Office risk destinations. We provide the latest information, as you need it and can assist with passport, visa and Esta applications.
  • Educating Travellers:
    We ensure travellers are prepared for the environment they are travelling to and are aware of emergency procedures and risk policies.
  • Travel policy and procedures:
    Helping you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities and in developing procedures, and escalation measures.