Traveller Profiles

Save time, save preferences, save money.

Building individual profiles of your people means that the booking process is quicker and more reliable.

Travellers can manage their own information, reducing the time spent by their Account Manager updating the profile. We then store individuals’ frequent flyer details and preferences to ensure that their travel experience is as comfortable as possible.

traveller profiles

At A Glance:

  • Records personal details and preferences.
  • Automated management of airline, car-hire, hotel reward schemes.
  • Access to the most current information.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems.
  • Alerts when passports, visas or credit cards are due to expire, or if any essential information has been omitted or removed.

In my role as a Film and TV Producer I require a great deal of travel for cast and crew from all over the world. Beyond Business Travel have been managing these travel needs on various projects including an award winning production of HBO’s TV Mini Series. TV and Film Industry working hours are not the normal 9-5 and both the Beyond team and the out of hour’s service have exceeded our expectations in service delivery, response and dealing with unusual requests.  Their ‘can do’ attitude and personal relationship have ensured the continued success of the partnership.

Mark Huffam, Film and TV Producer