News // 19 February 2020

Are you paying above average for business trips?


2019 saw the highest average per-night spend on business trips, as well as the highest overall trip spend
at an average of:

  •  £136 / €162 spent per night
  •  £309 / €367 spent per trip

Source: Office for National Statistics – VisitEngland

Having such informative data before bookings are made provides a benchmark for your company’s spending. However, having personalised data, accurate for your business enables more evidence-driven decisions. This data provides the ability to anticipate future demand more accurately and optimise travel pricing strategies.



At Beyond Business Travel, we supply you with reports that give you real time visibility of your travel spend. Providing businesses with this transparency facilitates simple travel management and reliable travel cost forecasting.

Beyond Business Travel Analytix allows you to report based upon your required criteria and cost codes such as ‘Spend per Project’ and ‘Expenditure by Transaction,’ detailing spend by;
  • Air
  • Air Ancillaries
  • Rail
  • Hotel
  • Car Hire
To benefit from Analytix in your business, having the data you need quickly and clearly to both save time and effort, get in touch with our Business Development Team;
UK – Rachel
ROI – Trish 

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Automated data imports connect to our clients accounting system providing two key benefits;

  1. Removing data entry costs
  2. Reducing the time spent on credit card and invoice reconciliation


Historically or before clients introduced our reporting platform, they often had the task of combining fragmented data manually. Now Beyond Analytix provides them with rich data to inform and change behaviours.

The Save Analysis report below highlights where savings could have been made and were potentially missed. Also it highlights that the company is getting the best available rates.


At Beyond Business Travel, we reduce the time required to analyse and manage your travel spend through our Beyond Analytix platform.

Find out more about our data, analytics and reporting.