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For Sustainable Business Travel

Build sustainability into your travel programme and equip employees with information to make smarter travel choices and achieve sustainability goals
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Smarter Travel Choices

Bespoke the offering provided to travellers, offering only the suppliers that have net zero targets in place or offer only more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as electric cars. We can work with each company to meet their sustainability goals.

Information before you book
Have information on Co2 impact before you make your final choice. With Beyond Business Travel technology we can provide the traveller with the Co2 impact of their travel before they make their final choice.
Monitoring and Reducing
Have data that measures your businesses C02 impact with Beyondanalytix data intelligence platform. All reports can be downloaded and fed into company wide sustainability dashboards or scorecards.
Offset your carbon Footprint
Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting 100% of your business travel carbon emissions. We help our clients choose their offset choice, we transfer the trip impact data and you are on your way to offsetting your Co2 emissions.

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