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For Travel Managers, it can be a daunting task organising trips on behalf of entire teams, departments and even companies. By choosing Beyond Business Travel, we can make this process quick and easy for you, giving you everything you need to manage your travel program.  

Travel Managers can enjoy the many benefits of our digitised solutions, as well as our personalised one-to-one service with an account manager.  Our specialist travel team can recommend and curate complete travel packages for you and your travellers, including air, rail, hotel, car hire, meet and greets, conferences and many more.

Easy booking
We are passionate about making travel accessible for all. That’s why we have revolutionised the booking process to make it more convenient and less time consuming. All you have to do is browse, select your travel options, get instant and your trip is booked.
Priority response
For our clients, we provide more than just travel management, we also provide support all hours of the day, all days of the week. Any travel requests sent through to our specialist team are responded to within one hour, so you can get instantly excited and ready for your trip. When travelling, we understand that plans can change last-minute in the world of business - that’s why we offer 24/7 support if you need us.
Traveller alerts
We provide city, country and region travel information to travellers before and during trips, to ensure they feel secure and informed. This is supported by 24/7 emergency support which is one call away.
Traveller tracking
Company-wide calendar and map dashboards to give you visibility on your traveller whereabouts, so you always are in control of your travel program and travellers.
Data for smart travel decisions
The role of the travel manager is now about adding strategic value to the travel program. We provide real-time data to free the travel managers time to focus on analysing this data and making smart travel decisions.

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