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Travel Management for Human Resources

We help Human Resources ensure employee safety during travel
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With people at the heart of their role, we cater to human resource managers and departments to guarantee the highest level of safety for employees while travelling.

While we at Beyond Business Travel aim to ensure quality travel at a cost-effective price – safety, security and policies are also at the forefront. We understand that your employees are the most valuable asset to your company. That’s why we have made it our focus to help you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities by developing procedures and escalation measures so that your people are fully protected. 

With traveller tracking, we can also help HR managers stay informed about their employees when they are travelling. This useful feature enables you to see where your people are at all times, and contact them instantly if necessary. 

Beyond Business Travel App
We understand that HR are concerned with the welfare of employees, especially when on business trips. To cater to this, the Beyond Business Travel app provides you and the traveller with the support and tools at your fingertips for before, during and after trips. That’s why on our app, both travel arrangers and travellers can access information, assess analytics and even make reservations.
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Traveller Profiles
With our traveller profiles, HR managers can rest assured that their staff are being fully informed every step of the way. By building individual profiles, we can keep track of personal details and preferences, provide your employees with updates about their trip, and send alerts when passports, visas or credit cards are due to expire. Our traveller profiles make the booking process quicker and more reliable, saving you stress, time and effort.
24/7 support
At Beyond Business Travel, we offer 24/7 support to both travel bookers and travellers, in case of any queries or emergencies. Our proactive support team is available 24/7, seven day a week via phone and email. Travellers and organisers will also receive alerts about delays and/or restrictions that may impact their travel, so that everyone is updated and informed.
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