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Travel Management for the Manufacturing Industry

We make travel for Manufacturers safe and efficient

At Beyond Business Travel, we work with manufacturers to meet their specific travel needs. With our experience serving many clients in this specialist sector, we understand that management of time, projects and costs is imperative. That’s why we provide unique and innovative solutions to create an easier and effective travel experience for you.

We want your company to be successful and productive, and can help by maximising your availability so you can spend more time perfecting strategies and pitches ahead of your business trip. Whether you are travelling for research, production or even training – we want you to get the most out of your travel. That’s why we offer full service travel management, covering everything from your routes from A to B, your accommodation, meeting locations and everything in between. Whether you want to book for yourself, your employees, or your clients – we can support you in whatever capacity you desire.

Trade Show Logistics Support
In manufacturing, we understand that travelling means transporting people and equipment. Depending on what type of business trip you are planning, you may have a lengthy list of requirements which can often feel overwhelming to organise. At Beyond Business Travel, we are at your disposal - planning the team’s transport and accommodation. Our technology also provides useful insights into traveller, route and expense reports, so you can be fully informed every step of the way.
Travel Solutions for New Export Territories
For the manufacturing industry, travel can involve the movement of key staff, equipment and prototypes into new export territories. These can be complex and a challenge to organise, but with our expertise and experience in global business travel, we can advise on alternative solutions, provide expert recommendations as well as book and manage everything on your behalf. Should you run into any difficulties while away - we offer 24/7 out of hours support providing immediate assistance should you need it.
Movement of Key Sales Staff Throughout the World
We have technology that gives pre-travel advice to your travellers so they have access to the right information at the right time to make smart travel choices. We can also track and educate travellers of what to be aware of in their destinations. This can be either through notifications via our app, or by contacting them directly. This ensures travellers are prepared for the environment they are travelling to and are aware of any emergency procedures and risk policies should they require throughout their journey to ensure their safety.

What our clients say

The visibility on our travel spend allows budgeting, analysing trends and reconciling our travel costs never easier with the built-in reporting suite, we now have everything at our fingertips. We believe this is only the start of the value that Beyond will bring to Camlins travel programme.

Director, Camlin Technologies

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