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Management for Business Travellers

We guarantee the best business traveller experience

For our individual travellers, we know that having instant information at your fingertips is vital when on-the-go. We know some business travellers want full access and freedom, whereas others want guidance and assistance. At Beyond Business Travel, we offer both to our clients.

Book Anytime, Anywhere
Travellers can access relevant information on any device, at any time. They can browse travel options, receive confirmations, complete check-in and access itineraries all in the one, convenient digital travel management platform. What’s more is that individual traveller preferences can be easily saved, stored and accessed again and again when needed. This information can include favourite airlines, hotels, seat assignments, upgrades and many more.
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Tailored Support From experienced Travel Consultants
We offer tailored one-to-one support for those who don’t want the hassle of organising all elements of their travel. We can happily lessen the load so you can focus on what’s important: what you really want to get out of your business trip.
Support Before and While You Travel
Our technology can give travellers a concise overview of security, travel, political and health risks before they book their travel. During travel they are kept informed with global 24/7 risk alerts that inform of any immediate hazards in their area. Precise location data helps managers see who is affected so the traveller always feels supported.
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24/7 Stand-By Assistance
We provide worldwide emergency out of hours cover offering 24/7 contact if anything goes wrong.

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