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Travel Management for the Energy Sector

We provide expert travel service for the Energy Industry
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For the energy industry, we understand that travel is part of the job – but it can be difficult to find the most sustainable solutions for yourself – let alone your entire team. At Beyond Business Travel, we offer a range of effective eco-friendly solutions to reduce hassle, costs and carbon emissions – all while ensuring a smooth transition of your staff worldwide. 

Beyond Business Travel has been a key player in the travel industry for over 20 years, providing robust travel management solutions to companies in the energy sector. Our previous clients have seen us become specialists in offshore, marine and business travel, cementing our understanding of the travel needs of energy companies big, or small.

Crew Operations
We offer responsive and reliable logistics when it comes to crew operations. We understand that travel for the energy sector can be complex and vast, from creating itineraries for people travelling from all over the world to organising remote locations for individual workers. With our unmatched attention to detail and knowledge of the industry, we can provide robust end-to-end travel organisation and management on behalf of your company.
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Crisis Management
From global pandemics, medical incidents, natural disasters and substantial delays - sometimes a crisis of any kind can happen when travelling. Our out of hours support service includes a dedicated team who are on-hand to handle any crisis that may arise - whether it be an emergency or a query. Our team is always available to offer advice, book last minute transport and provide support no matter the time zone.
Staff Safety
Whether you specialise in energy, exploration or oil and gas - safety should always be a priority when travelling. Your staff’s wellbeing is paramount to us, and your employees are the most valuable part of your company. That’s why we want to ensure you fulfil your duty of care by protecting your people, your bottom line and your reputation. From Traveller Tracking to policies to alerts - our technology can help keep your staff aware and safe.
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