News // 31 January 2019

Savings, Support, Safety: 6 Benefits of Booking with a TMC

Are you a frequent business traveller? If so, we are sure you have asked at least once, why you should book through a travel management company, when you could just as easily manage your own flights, choose your own hotel and control your own trip.

However, when things go wrong, or plans change, wouldn’t it be nice to have a travel expert on your side? Someone who can make last minute plans, manage disruption and make sure you are achieving the best price and discounts, because of their connections and industry partnerships?



6 Reasons Why You Should Book Through a TMC


1: Discounts

Beyond Business Travel is a member of the Advantage Travel Partnership, with a group turnover of £3million. This means that we can access negotiated discounts with thousands of airlines, hotels, accommodation providers, rail services and more. We can find you the best flight, the best price and we don’t just access online prices.

2: Less Ticket Restrictions

If you book your own tickets online, often these come with a large number of restrictions. Non-refundable, non-transferable are just a few phrases that spring to mind. Our travel experts can find the best ticket or deal to suit your needs and will be able to negotiate terms not offered to standard passengers.

3: 24/7 Support

What happens when flights are cancelled, trains are delayed, or a high risk situation emerges? Our team are on hand, 24/7 to offer advice, rebook your travel and accommodation and help you get home safely.

We are proactive and will send you instant alerts when problems arise and while everyone else is queuing at the airline desk, or holding for a call centre agent, we will be re-organising your itinerary while you relax.

4: Visa & Passport Services

What Visa do you require? How long will the application process take? Need your passport renewed urgently? TMCs keep up to date with events in all Foreign and Commonwealth destinations. We provide the latest information, as you need it and can assist with Visa, Passport and Esta applications.

5: It’s All About You

We manage your preferences and maintain extensive traveller profiles. If you prefer the window seat, we will work towards that. You like to catch a late flight home. Noted. Your company allows you to travel business class for journeys of more than six hours. We know. We bear all this in mind when booking your trip, saving you time comparing and weighing up options.

6: In Your Hands

We know we live in an internet enabled world, where most travellers are used to being autonomous. For that reason, we provide access to an easy to use online booking tool and app, powered by cutting-edge technology. You can book travel yourself, using our system, or through a traditional agent. Either way, all the same benefits apply.

Let us manage the travel, knowing you are in safe and trusted hands. That way you can focus on what you do best.

Beyond Business Travel experts are on hand 24/7 and can access negotiated discounts with all major airlines, hotel chains and more. For more information or for a free, no obligation quote, just fill in our contact form below.