News // 16 September 2018

Beyond Business Travel First in Ireland to Adopt NDC Booking Technology


Beyond Business Travel has become the first corporate travel management company in Ireland to adopt NDC technology.

Traditionally travel companies use GDS (global distribution system) system for booking flights, hotels, care hire etc on behalf of clients. However, recently IATA (The International Air Transport Association) introduced their NDC (New Distribution Capability) system which gives airlines the ability to distribute their content through third parties.

As early adopters of the latest in travel technology, the Beyond team are already enjoying this new ability to perform more streamlined searches and access the best rates and deals for our business travel customers.

edel Doherty“At the heart of our business is the commitment to putting customers first in every way,” said Edel Doherty, Managing Director, Beyond Business Travel.

“As such we have always been early adopters of digital systems and programmes and have embraced technological changes, which allow us to deliver exceptional personal service and the best products and rates for our clients.”

“We believe that NDC is the way forward for the travel industry and that it will play an increasing role in the sector in the coming years. As the first Travel Management Company in Ireland to adopt IATA’s system, we have made it a priority to ensure that our clients benefit from the opportunities it presents.”

Benefits of NDC

Lowest airfares in the marketplace: British Airways revealed last year that it will use NDC to deliver its cheapest air fares to European market. Many airlines have followed suit and as such, through this platform we can access the best rates for our bookings.

Personalisation: New personalisation features within NDC, allow airlines and TMCs to deliver tailored offers and products that better meet individual traveller’s needs. This will be especially true for frequent flyers, whose details when entered will often impact the price of their flight, or the services they are offered.

Rich Content: Travellers can receive a wealth of rich media content, when their booking is made via NDC. Videos, pictures and text descriptions can be distributed at various points in the user journey making the process easier and more user friendly and ensuring you don’t miss any opportunities to reduce price or improve your experience and journey.

Forward Looking: Currently more than 50 major airlines have signed up to NDC and IATA says it has received commitments from more than 75% of the industry that they are coming on board. Those behind NDC have committed to continually providing a better traveller experience, better cost management and better data through the technology solution and plans for new features over the next few years are impressive.

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