News // 14 January 2019

Using Your Travel Policy as a Recruitment & Staff Retention Tool

Travelling for business purposes can at times be seen as a negative aspect to a job, however many corporate travellers are turning that assumption on its head and using their work trips as an opportunity to explore the globe.

Wex and Mastercard have revealed that last year 55% of business travellers surveyed for their 2019 Travel Trends and Expectations report extended their trips and spend extra time in their chosen destinations.

Here at Beyond Business Travel, Northern Ireland we have recognised a definite increase in Bleisure trips and have found companies becoming much more accepting and encouraging of staff who want to make the most of their travel commitments.

Using Your Travel Policy as a Recruitment Tool

It’s been predicted that by 2030, more than 3/4 of the work force will be Millennials, who are already proving to be the most travel-loving generation yet.

Companies who address the needs of these staff members through a flexible bleisure policy, are more likely to attract the best and most talented people and to keep them in the business.

It’s been reported that the largest group that has become bleisure travelers is the young employees of 25-35 years. So allowing team members to extend business travel for leisure stays, to stay for an extra night or weekend or to use holiday leave at the end or beginning of a trip will prove to be a differentiator for companies keen to build a strong and committed team and dedicated to reducing staff turnover.

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