News // 20 November 2018

BREXIT: Will British Business Travellers Stay Visa Free?

British travellers may be able to move around Europe, Visa free, after Brexit comes into place, it has been confirmed.

The European Union’s executive has suggested that Britons can travel throughout its countries for a period of up to 90 days within any 180 day period. The main caveat is that the same deal is offered to Europeans travelling to Britain.

BREXIT: The Travel Worries

There has been much discontent, confusion and worry about Brexit and the effects it will have on travel and cross border commerce.

Earlier this year the DCC Forum reported that over 1/3 of business travellers were seriously concerned about the implications of Brexit. Even more revealing is the fact that less than 10% said they have no worries about European travel post March 2019.

Almost 40% of people were most unsettled by the prospect of new Visa regulations, others were apprehensive about the effects on airport security and passport control and a potential rise in air fares.

The New Visa Suggestions

Although nothing has yet been set in stone, European officials are pushing to keep travel as seamless as possible.

In a statement The Commission said:

“We propose to amend the visa regulation to allow UK nationals to be exempt from any visa requirement for short stays in the EU once EU law stops applying to the UK.

This proposal is entirely conditional upon the UK also granting reciprocal and non-discriminatory visa-free travel for all EU member states.”

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