News // 15 January 2019

British Passport Advice in event of a no-deal Brexit

New passport advice has been issued to British travellers, who may be affected by a no-deal Brexit.

As the date for the UK leaving Europe draws ever closer, with the government having as yet failed to secure a deal, tensions are running high in the business traveller community.

Therefore, should 29th March come and go with no official deal between Britain and the European Union, plans and rules have been formalised which will apply to UK passport holders.

No-Deal Brexit Passport Rules

  • British passport holders will be considered considered third country nationals when travelling in the Schengen Area.
  • Passport holders will also need to renew their documents in advance and earlier than they would have normally done so.
  • From the date of arrival there should a minimum of six months left on all passports.
  • If you renewed your adult passport before its expiry date, you may have extra months added which would make it technically valid for longer than a decade. However this extra time may not count towards the six month deadline mentioned above.


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