News // 12 November 2018

New Fingerprint Rules for China Visa Applicants

Travellers planning a journey to China from today, Monday 12th November, must provide fingerprints for all Visa applications.

Applicants must attend a Visa Application Service Centre in person. Because of our strong relationship with the officials, we can arrange dedicated and personalised appointments for all clients in London, Manchester, or Edinburgh centres.

How to apply for your China Visa

If you are planning a business trip to China, get in touch with our dedicated team to obtain the latest forms and directions, along with examples of the completed application.

Once completed and checked, we will work with you to book an appointment in Manchester, Edinburgh or London, where the fingerprint submission will be carried out.

Because the appointment is pre-arranged, the process will be streamlined and as quick as possible. After fingerprints are taken the application will be submitted for review. As always, you set your contact preferences with us and we will keep you in the loop by email, text, phone call or letter.

Click the link for information on how we can help with all your Visa and passport needs or contact us for more.