News // 26 October 2017

Customer Survey: 94% of Beyond Business Clients Would Recommend Us To Colleagues

Beyond Business Travel recently conducted our annual customer service survey. We undertake this activity each year, to identify our clients’ habits, preferences and attitudes towards our services.

Customer feedback is extremely important to the team here at Beyond. It provides us with insight that we can use to improve our business, our products and the overall client experience.

Once again, we have been delighted with the response to our survey and very grateful to each of you that offered feedback.

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Key Statistics

93% of our clients state that we respond to travel requests within 1 hour “most of the time/always”.

96% of clients state that we answer questions or solve problems extremely well/very well.

90% of our customers believe that we make them feel very important.

96% of customers say that we have an efficient accounts and invoicing department.

94% of clients would recommend us to a friend of colleague.

A clear majority of our customers said we were: Reliable, High Quality, Efficient, Unique & Good Value for Money.

Key Client Quotes

“We always find the team very efficient and supportive.”

“Service is excellent.”

“Everyone very efficient and always answers my requests immediately.”

“The way flights are presented before and after booking are helpful to my admin.”
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As much as we love receiving your praise, we are also very appreciative of any suggestions on how we can improve our service, or what extra functions and products you’d like us to offer.

Some of the most interesting were:

“We would like links to hotel reviews when forwarding quotes or use your own grading system. ”

“We would like to be able to book apartments and houses for business use.”

We are currently reviewing all the suggestions we received and ascertaining which ones we can build into our services. We have the mandate and the resources to drive change.

We are investing heavily in technology, partnering with Amadeus IT to adopt their travel app, Cytric solution and more. Through their systems, we can book apartments and houses for clients and so much more.

If you have worked with Beyond Business Travel and didn’t reply to our survey, we’d still like to hear from you. Can we help you travel better? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know.