Don’t Delay, Start to Plan Your Return to Business Travel

Over the last few weeks, the landscape of the global travel has continued to change and remain fluid.  We have seen some improvements on the green traffic light list, but trying to understand the current model is difficult, we were assured from the government a system based on scientific data, but the science and the decisions do not align.  Beyond Business Travel, are playing our part in campaigning to the government for clarity on the model with other stakeholders.  Early indications of this campaigning are that we are hopeful to see more information quicker than the next scheduled announcement at the end of July.

‘All systems go’ was the headline from the CBI’s economist, Alpesh PalejaIndications in the business travel industry is that we are expecting a busy Autumn with pent-up demand and clients needing those essential face-to-face meetings.  So, today’s vlog message is about planning, and it is important for clients to not to delay and plan their return to business travel if they have not.

Our advice is the following:

  1. Have a travel policy for structured travel, travel that is government approved, company approved, and employee approved.  
  2. Ask the following questions before travelling: 
  • What are the exit controls for your country of origin?
  • What are the entry restrictions of your destination, and include any stop-offs?
  • Can you get back and are there any implications?
  • And, if you are travelling within Europe – am I allowed to do the activity that I am proposing, and am I within the 90-day rule? 

Let us help you manage these additional travel requirements through our technology.  We can help with information through all your travel trip:


  • should risk assessments be needed for countries – environmental, health or political – that these are easily available
  • assess what visas, vaccinations, tests are needed and ensure sufficient time is available to obtain these with relevant proof of provision

During travel

  • provide travel alerts where needed to keep travellers updated on potential disruptions or risks
  • ensure travellers have sufficient knowledge on in-country tests required before departure

Post travel

  • ensure required forms and tests are completed for re-entry into the UK
  • Data reports on trip duration that allow traveller monitoring for new Brexit regulations

If you want further information or discuss what technology can help you plan your return to travel safely and smartly, please contact the team at Beyond Business Travel 02890850615 or 00353 1 5255739.

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