News // 27 February 2019

Emirates Cancellations due to Airspace Closures – India/Pakistan

Please be advised that there is some developing tension between India and Pakistan which has led to some operational restrictions. Things are fluid and developing / changing quickly. For the time being, below are the facts.

  • Pakistan airspace is closed indefinitely (including over flights).
  • Afghanistan airspace is closed indefinitely. EK640/1 27th Feb DXB-KBL-DXB is cancelled.

Passengers will not be boarded at origin for EK flights to Pakistan or Afghanistan (KHI, LHE, ISB, SKT, PEW and KBL). This instruction is effective immediately and will remain in force until further notice.


27th February

· EK637 Peshawar- Dubai

· EK601 Karachi- Dubai

· EK602 and EK603 Dubai- Karachi- Dubai

· EK608 and EK609 Dubai- Karachi- Dubai

· EK606 Dubai- Karachi

· EK640 and EK641 Dubai- Kabul- Dubai

· EK614 Dubai- Islamabad

· EK622 Dubai- Lahore

· EK8618 and EK8619 Dubai- Lahore- Dubai

28th February

· EK604 and EK605 Dubai- Karachi- Dubai

· EK600 and EK601 Dubai- Karachi- Dubai

· EK607 Karachi- Dubai

· EK615 Islamabad- Dubai

· EK612 and EK613 Dubai- Islamabad-Dubai

· EK623 Lahore- Dubai

· EK636 and EK637 Dubai- Peshawar- Dubai

· EK620 and EK621 Dubai- Sialkot- Dubai

All our affected clients have been notified of the expected disruption.

Where appropriate we have arranged new flights, booked alternative accommodation and we will handle all refund and compensation requests.

It is often in times of disruption and flight chaos, that business travelers recognize the benefits of organizing their trips through an expert Travel Management Company.