Emirates launch First Class Cabins inspired by Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Emirates have launched stunning and refreshed interiors for their Boeing 777 fleet. Inspired by Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the new first class on-board cabins are fully enclosed and luxurious.

Each suite boasts 40 square feet of private space and includes floor to ceiling sliding doors and fully reclinable seats. The new-look planes also includes state of the art entertainment systems along with revamped walkways, washrooms and galleys.

“The new 777 interiors are part of Emirates’ ongoing investment to continually raise the bar and exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Sir Tim Clark, Emirates President.

“This is the first time an Emirates product has been so influenced by another luxury brand, but it is a natural fit as both Emirates and Mercedes-Benz have the same unwavering commitment to fine detail, uncompromising quality, and a drive to push the boundaries.”

The company is continuing with its innovation and has also announced that it’s using 3D printing to manufacture a new range of components for aircrafts.

The new components will weigh around 9-13% less than traditional ones, which will help Emirates achieve reductions in fuel emissions and costs. The new technique is also quicker than previous methods used, which means faster production times and less waste of raw materials used for production.

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