News // 29 November 2018

How Technology Will Change Business Travel

Corporate Travel can be a less than enjoyable experience for many travellers. We know that some people despair over un-intuitive booking tools, apps which don’t function correctly and tedious post-trip expense reporting.

However the face of business travel is changing and will continue to do so over the next few years. Here are just a few exciting developments that will make a world of difference!

Facial Recognition

Lost your boarding pass? Phone ran out of charge with your scanable pass on it? Can’t find your ID at the bottom of your bag?

Soon all of these could be problems of the past and checking in will no longer mean waiting in a long line to show your credentials time and time again.

It is expected that within the next few years facial recognition will become much more prevalent in airlines and rail stations. As such, IDs will be required much less frequently and blockchain technology will be employed to secure personal details and prevent breaches. Recently Boston Logan Airport trialled a facial ID system with great success.

Smart Room Technology

More and more hotels are exploring the options presented by smart room technology. In some establishments travellers can already control their room temperature, order food from mobile phones and choose personalised entertainment packages. These features are expected to become ever more prevalent, with hotel check-in, check-out and other procedures predicted to be more streamlined by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will help bookers, managers and travel businesses to better personalise trips for clients.

When organising a restaurant, hotel or car hire, companies can now consider date, time of day, location, and the user’s booking history.

The data generated by each trip and event booked, can and will be better utilised to help travellers book within their company’s travel policy. Personalised recommendations become easier, so 3pm check-in, early morning check-outs can be avoided, without request, if this is a known preference. Through AI it can be predicted that a traveller likes extra leg room on their flight, a hotel close to the city centre and rail transfers rather than car hire. The impact should be a better travel experience and less time and energy spent on the booking process.

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