International Travel Opening up for Everyone – or Is It?

International travel opening up for everyone – or is it?

Managing Director of Beyond Business Travel, another VLOG in our series of keeping our clients up to date with changes in business travel and helping them make smart travel decisions.

The Traffic Light System

Friday saw the latest announcement from Boris Johnston on his latest proposals for opening international travel in England from 17th May 2021 with his traffic light system.  We encourage & support any movement to travel, as we know how important it is to return our business travellers to the skies for the future of our businesses here in UK & Ireland. 

We understand that Scotland & Wales and Northern Ireland will follow suit and adopt this same traffic light system.  Ireland have not adopted a traffic light system and we are waiting for further information on their next steps. 

There were no further surprises in the prime minister’s announcement on Friday from the information issued by the Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps earlier in the month with 12 countries or territories on the green list for England. England

What International Travel Restrictions Mean for Businesses

With twelve countries or territories on the green list for England, we here at Beyond Business Travel and our business clients were glad to see that Singapore was on the list of destinations on the green list as it really is a focal point for the far east. 

We and our business clients are glad to see that Singapore is on the list of destinations, as it is a focal point for the Far East.  And we have good connectivity with British Airways, Cathay Pacific and obviously Singapore Airlines flying there. 

We totally understand that public health remains paramount, but it would have been beneficial for the business community to see other countries such as the US added to the green list.  Industry bodies on both sides of the Atlantic have written a joint letter to the US President, Joe Biden & UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston calling for the opening of travel between the US & UK.  Trade and Investment is valued at more than trillion pounds, this would re-open many routes for our business clients.  We are hopefully that we will see a positive announcement in June regarding this – and that the US & UK citizens will benefit from the  success of the vaccine roll-out.

  How Beyond Business Travel Can Help

Our unique geographical position has benefits and disadvantages but at present it is a logistical puzzle with England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all having different attitudes to risk, and regulations.

In Beyond Business Travel, with our global technology and our expert travel consultants, we are continually being kept up to date. We also have traveller help on our website which is free to everyone and we’re always here to help our clients navigate these difficult times.

We know you want to travel, we know you want to travel safely and smartly so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

If you have any questions or need any help with managing your business travel, please give us a call

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