News // 15 January 2019

The Latest on Lufthansa Flight Cancellations

Lufthansa have confirmed that they will cancel at least 400 flights today, from a number of airports.

German security staff are on strike in eight airports, including Lufthansa hubs Frankfurt & Munich Airports. Disruption is expected to continue throughout Tuesday and knock on effects will be obvious for the next few days.

Yesterday after officials confirmed the cancellations, BDL employers’ group criticised the strike, saying that other ways to resolve pay issues should be found. “These are no longer just warning strikes but completely disproportionate,” Matthias von Randow, managing director of the BDL employers’ group, insisted. “The wages of security control personnel have increased by almost 50 percent since 2011.”

Has Your Flight Been Cancelled?

All our affected clients have been notified of the expected disruption.

Where appropriate we have arranged new flights, booked alternative accommodation and we will handle all refund and compensation requests.

It is often in times of disruption and flight chaos, that business travellers recognise the benefits of organising their trips through an expert Travel Management Company.

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