News // 28 November 2018

We go BEYOND for Female Business Travellers!

Beyond Business Travel are delighted to announce a new partnership with Maiden Voyage Travel.

Through our affiliation with Advantage Travel Partnership, we will be working ever more closely with the world’s leading specialist in female business travel, for the benefit of our clients.

Maiden Voyage Travel

As the market leader in female business travel, Maiden Voyage aims to improve traveller experience and safety for women through regular networking events, academic training, online education, fact filled city guides and social media networks for discussion and advice.

Concerns from Female Travellers

A recent report compiled by Maiden Voyage found that almost 80% of respondents did not feel prepared to deal with a travel-related incident. More than 2/3 also stated that travel providers should be making more effort to address the specific needs of female customers.

1 in 4 female traveller has endured a negative incident during corporate travel and more than 1/2 of these are described as sexual harassment.

The Benefits

The partnership between ourselves, the wider Advantage Travel Partnership and Maiden Voyage will allow us to improve our client’s duty of care provision to female travellers. We will continue to endeavour to support travellers and their management team, highlighting challenges or areas of concern where appropriate.

We will also be undertaking specialist training sessions on traveller safety and wellbeing and passing on our learning wherever relevant.

If you’d like to know more about how we can perfectly support female business travellers, while also accessing negotiated rates and discounts with all major airlines and hotel chains, please contact our team.