A personalised in-flight experience

Before we could access a world of entertainment when flying, in-flight entertainment was limited to whatever magazines and books we carried onto the flight. Now, in-flight entertainment has notably enhanced the experience of flying.

Panasonic Avionics have ben utilising machine learning to build ‘NEXT Cloud’, a commercial aviation platform for building a modern digital cabin. This technology anonymously collects in-flight data such as film and food preferences so the flight offering can be tailored to individual passengers.

Research has suggested that airline passengers are open to this personalization.

Data gathered showed that more passengers would rather re-watch a classic film than watch the latest block buster. No reason was provided why, but it is guessed many would prefer to watch these with friends or family.

This data also assists in driving operational efficiencies for the airline; avoiding unnecessary licensing fees for content that no one watches, what food to stock saving wastage and storage costs, as well as planning duty free stock and promotions. It can also determine the optimal location for Wi-Fi hotspots and antennas in the aircraft, increasing the quality of coverage.

One of Panasonic Avionics’ clients, Singapore Airlines, are using the data to create a more consistent experience throughout the entire customer flight journey.

Their collaboration pulled together the app ‘myKrisWorld’, a personalised portal for passengers at every stage of their travel; pre-flight booking and mobile check-in to luggage tracking. The app can bookmark favourite content and then show recommended material based on browsing and viewing history.

The app was recognised in the Best Personalization Innovation award at the 2018 Airline Passenger Experience Association Awards.

Read more: https://www.wired.com/wiredinsider/2019/11/todays-flight-experience-brought-machine-learning/#

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