Post COVID-19 Travel Policy

Travel Policy

You may need to consider an Interim Policy for Travel post Covid-19 as people begin to travel again.  Good communication is needed to ensure booking and travelling criteria are well understood.

  • Who will make the decision when staff can travel?
  • Have you defined Essential v Non-Essential Travel? How will this be controlled?
  • What other elements of the policy need changed e.g. spend caps?
  • Mandate all travel must be booked either through BEYOND Business Travel or your company online booking tool so everything is tracked.
  • Review specific differences to domestic v international travel around quarantine, health/medical care while travelling.
  • Consider using risk rating standards in place for country level risk ratings?
  • Do you need to limit the number of people travelling together or from one department?
  • Does the policy cover individual responsibility to highlight underlying sickness?
  • Is your HR system post COVID ready to gather additional travel information for safe travel?

Beyond Business Travel can help you review your travel policy before your team start to travel.  Please get in touch if you require assistance reviewing your travel policy.

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