Post COVID-19 Travel Risk Management

Assessing Risks

We all agree assessing risk is important, do the right people in the business have information on travel alerts, government health guidelines, restricted travel routes & border controls? Businesses must ask

Does the business have the technology to locate all travellers in an emergency?

With a move to more pre- travel preparation is the business ready for changes in: –

  • Pre-trip, medical clearance, vaccinations, screening, visas
  • During trip: travel safety, health supplies (masks, gloves)
  • Health checks, vaccination guidelines

Will carriers still be operating on the routes you need to support your business?

Be aware of changing supplier terms re cancellations and changes, adjust “preferred” accordingly

Will your airline contracted rates be available / the best option?

Will your car contracted rates be available / the best option?

Will you hotel contracted rates be available/ the best option?

Reporting & Data:  Consider what data needs to be collected to support new policy (e.g.: trip types, destination risk level) this can be collected by Beyond Business Travel through our Analytic tool. If you would like to have a demo of Beyond Analytix or our duty of care traveller tracking please get in touch.


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