News // 12 December 2019

How we provide you with negotiated, industry-leading travel rates

As a member of Advantage Travel Partnership, we have relationships with key travel providers including airlines, hotels and ground transport suppliers who value the business our clients bring them.

Being part of the UK’s largest independent travel group means we can plug into something larger than ourselves. With a combined business travel spend of £3.5 billion each year from its 200 members, Advantage accounts for more than 40% of the UK corporate travel market.

This enables us to use the group’s combined buying power to provide you with negotiated, industry-leading rates on hotels, flights, car hire and more- which greatly reduces your company’s travel costs.

And it doesn’t stop there. Advantage owns the WIN Global Travel Network, a network of like-minded corporate travel specialists with Partners in 70 countries, who together employ 30,000 staff across 6,000 locations using end-to-end technology in all regional markets with access to consolidated data. The WIN network has an annual collective spend of $15 billion, giving us even more clout to to secure you the best deal.

If you would like your business to take advantage of these benefits, please contact Rachel – E: T: +44 (0)28 9085 0615 or Trish – E: T: +353 21 6017391