News // 03 September 2018

Beyond Business Travel Marks Team Month

The words “team building” have become something of a cliche in recent years.

However, here at Beyond Business Travel we are passionate about building a strong team, encouraging our employees and developing their skills.

As a result, throughout the year we organise regular activities, designed not just for enjoyment at the time, but also to help develop group and communication skills and encourage bonding and genuine friendship.

Team Month

Beyond Business Summer Party - Ballycastle and Rathlin IslandEvery August is Team Month at Beyond Business Travel and this year we focused on our value of fun and positivity in the workplace.

Every staff member got to pick a day to be appreciated by their team and activities included receiving a mystery gift, which included vouchers, a stay at the Radisson, afternoon tea at Grand Central Hotel Belfast and dinner at Fitzwilliam Hotel.

Everyone also had to do something fun and positive. Barbara dressed in her national costume and baked a cake, Neil got everyone to play name that tune even though he was working from home with a broken leg. We had fun competitions, secrets revealed and some amazing baked treats.

We enjoyed a summer party in Ballycastle followed by a trip to Rathlin Island (sponsored by British Airways and American Airlines) and finished the month with drinks and nibbles sponsored by Emirates.

A Word of Thanks

Edel Doherty, Managing Director of Beyond Business Travel said: ‘People are at the heart of every business and no company has better people than ours.’

‘The service we offer to clients, the strength of our brand and the main reason for our current and future success is all because of our amazing team, the hours they put in and the commitment they show.’

‘As Henry Ford famously said:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”‘