Thai law prohibiting e-cigarettes could lead to jail terms for travellers

Beyond Business Travel would like to inform clients of a ban on e-cigarettes in Thailand.

A new law prohibits tourists bringing vaping devices into the country and those found to be carrying, could face a jail term of up to ten years.

Travel Weekly has reported that one visitor to Bangkok was threatened with a prison sentence and fined £125 when police noticed he was using an e-cigarette.

The Foreign Office includes vaping devices in a list of restricted items and states: “These items are likely to be confiscated and you could be fined or sent to prison for up to 10 years if convicted.”

Edel Doherty, MD at Beyond Business Travel UK said: “We do a lot of work with exporters in the UK. Thailand is a popular destination for our corporate clients, with South-East Asia becoming a growing market for Northern Irish companies.”

“We are now incorporating this latest legislation on e-cigarettes into the customs, immigration and visa information we provide to travellers before they depart.”

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