Travel and the impact on GDP broken down into regions of the UK

The importance of domestic and international travel to the economic prospects of individual businesses and the wider economy is highlighted in a new report by WPI Strategy commissioned by London City Airport. The report reveals the majority of UK business leaders see air travel as key to their future economic prospects and would return to the skies if quarantine measures were eased.

64% of UK business leaders see air travel as key to future prospects.
88% of leaders of businesses with over 250 employees believe air travel is important to the future success of their business.
48% thought that the Government’s travel and quarantine restrictions were the single biggest barrier to business air travel.
76% believe that airport testing would increase confidence when traveling.

What is also highlighted in this report is proportionate to passenger numbers the breakdown of the impact of domestic aviation on GDP by UK regions and nations as in the order of:
Scotland: £4bn
North-East: £300m
North-West; £1bn
Northern Ireland: £2bn
South-West: £700m
London: £4bn
Midlands: £500m
Wales (just Cardiff): £80m

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