As an industry we are experiencing extraordinary times with travel demands, cancellations and delays with major disruptions while travelling for business. This has led to an extreme increase in call demands to both our day and out-of-hours teams.


We continue to staff up at all levels to meet demands, however these exceptional times with numerous cancellations and delays has led to a drop in our service level agreements.  We can assure you that the team is working at full capacity to meet this demand, but we kindly ask for your patience during this difficult time.


We would like to provide some guidance to help you during this time:


New bookings

Our team are working in date order for any new enquiries so please bear with us as we work firstly with the more urgent requests.

If you have access to the self-booking tool, we encourage you to please use it whenever possible.


Voluntary Change (Requested by traveller)

Like new bookings, voluntary changes will be actioned in date order and again we ask for your patience and understanding.


Involuntary Change (Enforced by Airline) – Change

If you receive notification directly from your airline that your flight has a schedule change, we ask you to follow the guidance of the airline and complete the required acceptance or rejection online directly with the airline.


Involuntary Change (Enforced by Airline) – Cancellation

If you receive notification directly from your airline regarding a flight cancellation, please follow the guidance of the airline as highlighted in the communication. If an alternative is given and acceptable, please confirm. If not acceptable, please request a refund as per guidance. If an alternative flight is required, please use the self-booking tool if available or if not available, please email the team.


Urgent Cancellations

If you find yourself in a situation where the airline has cancelled your flights with little or no notice and an alternative is not offered, we ask you to use the self-booking tool where possible but understand with late availability this may not be possible. If you can communicate with the airline, we encourage you to do so however please be assured we are here to help as best we can. Please reach out to the team or the emergency team if out of office hours to assist you. We just ask for patience during this difficult time and your call will be answered.


Non-Air Travel

Please be mindful that if your flight has been disrupted, delayed or cancelled, please amend your hotel/car booking to reflect this change. Most of these changes can be self-served online or direct with hotel/car companies.


Car Hire

We are experiencing a high demand along with supplier shortage on car hire. We encourage all travellers to please book car hire well in advance. In the current climate it’s unlikely to source a hired car within 7 days of travelling.  If our self-booking tool is not returning car hire results, unfortunately we cannot source offline as this is due to supplier shortage.




The team at Beyond Business travel appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this busy period and we assure you that we are striving to maintain our service levels.


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