News // 27 February 2019

How Our Booking Tool Can Save You Time & Money

When you arrange your trips through Beyond Business Travel, you don’t just get the best customer service and expert help, you also get access to our cutting edge technology.

All clients have full access to our online booking tool, which doesn’t just offer better control of programme and spend, but also allows companies to benefit from all the negotiated and discounted rates that we can access.

The benefits of our online booking tool include:

Better Itinerary Management

Our tool and app organises all your travel itineraries. With a single tap or click, passengers can see all their trip details, such as departure/arrival times, confirmation numbers, gates and seats, in one place.


Our booking platform gives clients access to the largest choice of full-service carriers as well as low-cost carriers from all over the world. Add to thousands of hotels and reputable car hire companies and you’ll see that we have you covered!

Up-to-date flight notifications

Our powerful flight notification system alerts travellers and their team / managers to any changes, cancellations or delays.

Planning Tools

We provide quick access to 5-day weather forecasts, maps, driving directions, currency, destination recommendations and so much more.

Controls and Reporting

Finance teams have full visibility into all company travel expenses and access to personalised reports and forecasts. Our system helps minimise risks associated with uncontrolled spending and fraud by increasing compliance with corporate and legal policies and standardising expenses across teams.

Future Proof

Our booking tool is cloud based, meaning that future proofing is built in and updates happen automatically. You will never be working off old or outdated software.

If you want help or advice on your travel plans or programme, or would like to trial any of our apps or online tools, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.