News // 21 January 2018

The True Cost of DIY Business Travel

Have you ever thought about how much time you and your team members spend researching and booking your corporate travel? Of course we all want to get the best deal but could you be costing your company more than you are saving, when lost time is considered?

It’s a complicated process. Which airline? Which hotel? Which area of the city do you want to stay? Who offers the best car hire rates? How do you get from the airport to your accommodation? What are the best restaurants nearby?

Once that’s all done and the travel arrangements are made, you might think the hard part is over. But what if your flight is delayed, there is a problem at your hotel, or the train company is being affected by strikes?


Cost of DIY Business Travel


Trying to get hold of the latest information and rebooking can also be a time intensive and stressful process.

This is where a travel management company like Beyond Business Travel can help. We can use our cutting-edge technology to find you the best priced flights, the most convenient hotels and the most seamless connections in minutes. Our experts truly understand the systems, the hidden charges, and the comparative deals.

Even better, we can access negotiated rates and discounts with thousands of travel partners, that will not be available to you online.

To find out more about how Beyond Business Travel can help you eliminate hidden costs and hassle, whilst saving you time and money simply send us your details below and make a no obligation enquiry.