News // 10 February 2018

Steep UK Passport Fee Increase March 2018

The cost of obtaining a new UK passport is set to rise in March 2018, by a whopping 17%.

The UK Government announced the new fees recently, with the cost of a postal application seeing the largest rise.

New UK Passport Prices – 2018

The changes are marked to come into affect in just over a months time, on 27th March. However the new fees have to be approved by Parliament first. If pushed through, the cost of applying for a standard adult passport by post will rise from £72.50 to £85. If applying for a child’s passport the cost will rise from £46 to £58.50, a 27% increase.

Clearly officials are trying to push people towards applying online, as the increase in fees for an adult passport obtained through the website is only £3.

Officials insist they are still providing good value for money for passport applicants, as fees were dropped in 2012. That means that if you apply online, you are still only paying 2009 prices.

It has been claimed that the money saved and generated by these price hikes, will be put towards a £100 million investment on border security and infrastructure next year.

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