News // 28 March 2019

Give Your Travellers a safe and convenient way to pay

What are virtual cards all about?
You might have heard of virtual cards before and maybe you have used one for payment already. Or this is the very first time you give this digital payment method a try.
Virtual cards are simply the digital version of normal plastic payment cards such as a MasterCard credit card with a card number, expiry date and CVC security code. The big difference: There is no plastic, Sounds interesting? Take a closer look at how you can benefit.
Do you have employees out on the road? Then you will know that keeping track of payments for plane and train tickets, fuel, accommodation, meals and all the other types of business travel expenses is a challenge. That’s why the AirPlus Corporate Card is designed to simplify travel expenses for your employees and business.
Are you looking to make paying day-to-day travel expenses easier for your employees?

A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment is an award-winning virtual credit card solution that is simple to use, secure and provides a more convenient method for managing business travel expenses.
A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment is designed to extend the limits of your AirPlus company account to bridge any potential acceptance gaps. As such, your employees will always be able to pay for flights, hotels, train tickets and other travel expenses without ever using their own credit cards. In turn, this reduces admin for your finance department by ensuring the reconciliation process is much more transparent.
Safe and secure virtual payments guaranteed.
The virtual card solution works by creating unique, single-use MasterCard numbers for one-time or a set number of purchases. You are free to set spending parameters, and the generated number becomes obsolete after a set amount of uses. For this reason, it provides the benefit of greater security and convenience than using a traditional credit card.
Data quality that offers actionable insight:
A.I.D.A. Virtual Payments get charged to the AirPlus Company Account. This means all transaction information is captured on one single invoice, which you can customise to include only the data you need. Consequently, providing you with the visibility to manage your travel policy more efficiently and the insight needed to discover cost-cutting opportunities.

The benefits at a glance:
Worldwide Acceptance – Issued on the MasterCard Network
Accepted at more than 32.6 million merchants in more than 240 countries
Cards can be used to withdraw cash at over 1 million ATMs worldwide
Gain complete control and visibility of travel expenses
Automate the expense management process and cut down on administration
Easy reporting and email alerts
Control individual card spend instantly via our online portal
Full admin access and visibility.
Make simple changes to limits for individual or multiple cardholders
Comprehensive control built in.
We understand that corporate card misuse and fraud are a genuine concern. For this reason, we have invested a lot of time integrating robust security features into the Business Travel Portal, including:
Real-time adjustments – make changes to credit allowances, block and unblock cards, and set merchant-specific card limits that come into effect with a touch of a button.
24/7 access – total visibility on all transactional data for every corporate cardholder in your business, allowing you to assess spending patterns more easily.
Email alerts – set up warnings that will tell you if cardholders are exceeding their spending limits or engaging in suspicious or prohibited spending.
Turn your travel data into valuable knowledge.
The AirPlus Information Manager is a tool that allows you to consolidate all expense-related information from your corporate card programme into one data source. At the click of a button, you will be able to access detailed reports that will allow you to evaluate all your business travel costs and discover cost-saving opportunities.

Enhance traveller satisfaction – A dedicated, UK-based contact centre offers assistance, while clients are allocated a personal Account Manager to oversee their requirements and guide them through the implementation process.
Full visibility and control – Our AirPlus Business Travel Portal administration tool gives you an overview of all users and spend in real time. It also lets you make on the spot adjustments to credit limits, cash allowances and easily block and unblock cards.
Simplify and accelerate your accounting process
One way to save time and money for your company is to automate manual processes in your accounting department. Transmitting data electronically helps prevent the faulty capture of data, accelerates processes to a considerable degree, and simplifies the archiving of invoices.
Intergrating data securely
You can trust AirPlus’ long-standing experience: As experts in data integration, we offer you the one-stop solution you are looking for. We make it possible for you to export the invoice data relating to your AirPlus payment solutions directly into your systems for travel expense settlement and financial accounting. To this end, we deliver diverse data formats for different interfaces. You remain flexible and save time and money when managing travel and settling invoices. At all times, data security is our priority.
High-quality data
Thanks to our validation and correction processes, AirPlus can guarantee the high quality of data. In addition, we enhance your data by adding valuable information for you to use in your analyses.

To find out more information please contact your Account Manager.