News // 07 March 2019

BREXIT – Is your business ready if there is a #NoDeal

If the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 without a deal, UK firms and service providers will face additional steps or potentially even barriers to trade. Also the UK will no longer operated under EUropean Economic Area (EEA) regulations for the cross-border trade in services.

You will need to comply with both local and EU/EEA-wide rules in the following areas:

Cross-border trade
Establishing and structuring your business
Business travel and visa requirements
Recognition of UK professional qualifications
Data protection

UK Business will no longer be treated as if they were local businesses, and UK businesses and professionals providing services in the EEA will be regarded as originating from a ‘third country’

UK firms and service providers will most likely face additional administrative, regulatory and legal barriers as a result. If you’re a UK business or professional providing services in the EEA, you’ll need to check the national regulations to understand how best to operate.

UK nationals will need to check whether you need a visa and/or a work/residence permit if you are providing services to an EEA country or on a placement based in the EEA. You should comply with immigration controls in the country where your service is being provided. (Country guilde links below)

The UK has reached agreements on citizen’s rights with the 4 EFTA countries, which will apply if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. Included in these agreements are specific arrangements for the recognition of professional qualifications held by these countries’ nationals and UK nationals:
the EEA / EFTA No Deal Citizens’ Rights Agreement covers Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
the Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement covers Switzerland.

Need Guidance Structuring your business if there is a No Deal

Country guides

Our expert travel team are constantly monitoring the Brexit situation and will advise clients of any new regulations or requirements before any planned trips.

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