News // 20 March 2018

Demand for Travel Security Advice Surges as Corporate Travellers Worry

Travellers are worrying more and more about their safety, it has been revealed this week.

New figures show that the demand for advice concerning travel security has surged by almost 30% since 2016 and by 800% in the last ten years.

A new report suggests that more than 36,500 business travellers have been given security advice in the last twelve months.

David Johnson, CEO of security services at International SOS, said: “Globalisation and an increasing emphasis on duty of care has brought the necessity of robust security risk management programmes to the forefront of the corporate agenda, and business leaders have become increasingly aware that this is an essential aspect of business resilience.”

Why are Business Travellers Concerned?

Over the last decade there has been a marked increase in terror attacks affecting Europe and the US. We have also heard much about health crisis’ such as the Zika virus which affected more than 26 countries, the Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil and the rise of Malaria.

Understandably the hyped media coverage is enough to leave those who travel for work worried. Especially those travelling to at risk destinations.

How Can Travel Management Companies Help?

We can assist your business and travellers in many ways and help to put your minds at ease.

We can educate customers before they depart, advising on political situations, Visa regulations and health and safety issues, making sure everyone is fully prepared for their trip.

Beyond Business employ a product called Mobile Messenger, which means we can open up two way communication with travellers and their managers at all times. This has proved to be a crucial tool when delays and disruptions occur.

Our team will send real-time alerts to advise of disruption and delays and will be on hand around the clock to rebook and rearrange any element of your journey, should changes need to be made.

The app also boasts a traveller tracking function so that employers can know where their people are and they can be assisted, 24/7.

edel DohertyEdel Doherty, Managing Director at Beyond Business Travel says, “Being prepared for any incident, any problem and any emergency is essential for protecting a company’s reputation and staff morale.”

‘Your employees are the most valuable element of your business. We work closely with your team to ensure everyone is prepared for the environment they are travelling to and are aware of emergency procedures and risk policies.”

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