News // 29 November 2017

Jeremy Clarkson on Emirates ‘Game Changing’ First Class private suites

Jeremy Clarkson has fronted a new marketing campaign for Emirates, promoting their luxurious new First Class private suites.

As we previously reported, the airline unveiled its new cabins at Dubai Air Show this month. They revealed that the sumptuous interiors were inspired by Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which explains Clarkson’s connection.

The former Top Gear presenter starts his video advertisement speaking over some close up shots of the luxury new aircraft space. He describes the cabin as if talking about a new car, saying:

“Every now and then, the game changes. You are introduced to something so luxurious and so special that afterwards anything else is a disappointment.”

However, it soon becomes clear that he’s referring to an airplane when he mentions the complimentary pyjamas (which Emirates provide for first class passengers).

What the new Emirates first class cabins include:

– Fully enclosed, private suite

– High definition touch screen display (that’s bigger than Jeremy Clarkson’s TV at home apparently).

– Mini-bar

– Leather seating, fully reclinable

– Set your own lighting and temperature

– Virtual windows

Watch Jeremy’s ad below.

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