News // 29 March 2018

Lunns Jewellers Praise Beyond Business Travel

The winter weather (that ran into spring!) has played havoc with many well laid travel plans over the last few months.

Flights were cancelled, trains were delayed and many of you travelling for business had plans disrupted and your journeys made much more arduous because of snow and stormy conditions.

However one of our clients has praised the Beyond Business Travel team, after they stepped in to assist when problems arose at Gatwick airport.

John Lunn, Managing Director of Lunns Jewellers said:

“I am hugely thankful to the team at Beyond Business Travel for how they look after our business travel in such a proactive, caring and professional way.

A great example of this was last week during the return of bad weather to the UK, causing many flights to be cancelled. Having been caught up in this with my family, when hoping to return home from Gatwick via Easyjet. Our flight was cancelled and we were informed by the airline that they wouldn’t be able to get us home for another three days.”

“Amongst all the expected confusion and waiting for many frustrated passengers at Customer Service queues, Beyond Business Travel had organised a hotel and flights at 8am the next morning, all within 30 minutes.”

“Thank you so much again to all of you, not only for this incredible level of service and care, but for how you continue to look after our family business with our travel needs.”

Proactive Travel Assistance

Our team don’t wait for a crisis to hit. We monitor weather conditions and travel situations around the world and as soon as we become aware of an issue, we alert all clients who may be affected.

We work with travellers on their plans, rebooking flights, rail and hotels where appropriate or cancelling the journey altogether.

We offer 24/7 support to all clients, no matter where they were in the world.

After the Travel Disruption

The care doesn’t stop once the disruption does. We will work to rebook flights, rearrange trips or process refunds where applicable.

Having a team of experts at your fingertips when weather turns bad or disruption hits, is one of the biggest benefits of booking your travel through a Travel Management Company like Beyond.

Edel Doherty, Managing Director of Beyond Business Travel said: “Our team excel in a crisis and come into their own when disruption occurs. They provide excellent support to clients when they need it most.”

“With a 24/7 service and experts trained in emergency response management, we can offer a level of protection and provide a sense of safety and confidence that can be difficult to achieve in-house.”

To speak to the Beyond Business Travel team about your next business trip, send your details via the contact form below.