News // 10 February 2018

More Ryanair Strikes for Easter 2018

Ryanair passengers could be set to experience another wave of disruption this April, it has been revealed.

After cancelling hundreds of flights, due to pilot shortages in 2017, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has revealed that there could be more strikes over the Easter period this year.

He claims that his airline is refusing to give in to “laughable” pay demands being made by pilots in a number of markets and admits that this could cause problems for their customers and schedules.

The announcement came just days after Ryanair reached an agreement on pay and conditions with British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA). Officials have been in talks with other European unions and is offering a 20% pay increase to member pilots. However no further deals have been struck.

O’Leary commented on the threats being posed by his disgruntled staff members and said: “We have some jurisdictions where we are getting the kind of laughable demands for legacy-type inefficiencies.”

Ryanair claims that they will be spending an extra €45 million this year, through increased pay to pilots and because of increased cabin crew staffing levels.

The airline managed to avert crisis in December 2017, when a planned strike was cancelled at the last minute. Much to the delight of festive travellers.

Our team stepped in to help scores of business travel clients in Ireland, who were affected by the many cancellations in October and November last year. We arranged new flights, applied for refunds and made alternative hotel arrangements, taking as much pain and hassle out of the experience as possible.

If you are have arranged business travel with Ryanair this Easter and are worried about possible disruption, get in touch via our contact form below.