News // 25 June 2018

Technology and the Future of Business Travel

The world is changing gegnd people are interacting more differently than ever before. The rise of smartphones, apps and online technology has changed how people manage their work and personal lives. While this presents us in the travel industry with a huge learning curve, it also presents us with huge opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Travel

There is no doubt that new digital technologies are streamlining processes and bringing massive benefits to both travellers and bookers.


One of the most exciting developments is the rise of personalisation through Artificial Intelligence, where travel management companies can easily tailor trips to suit personal preferences and tastes. Gone are the days of generic service and one size fits all solutions.

By using AI to analyse booking behaviours from you as a traveller, we can better predict your ideal hotel and flight options.

edel DohertyEdel Doherty, Managing Director Beyond Business Travel says: “The goal is to save travellers time and effort, by having the first options which are shown to them, perfectly suited to their taste and preferences.”

“We know if you prefer not to check-in luggage, want an aisle seat and usually opt for a hotel in the city centre. Our systems manage the details, meaning you get the best trip, every time.”

We can also use data from travellers within your business and companies in the same sector or area, to better target our service.

Mobile Assistant:

The Mobile Assistant has revolutionised business travel more than any other feature in the last three years. Our mobile technology and app support corporate travellers through every part of their end-to-end journey.

We save your passport number, your frequent flyer details, we provide an up-to-date and always to hand itinerary. If disruption occurs, our systems will alert travellers instantly and we’ll get straight to rebooking flights, rearranging transport and all without causing you any extra stress.

Mobile technology means travel operators can offer even better support than before, particularly in times of emergency. Chatbots are rising in popularity and combine AI with the ability to contact a human assistant if needed. Although these have been limited in functionality up until now, research suggests that over the next few years, live chat will largely replace the need for email and phone support.

Internet of Things

Internet of things business travelThe Internet of Things is a term that is widely used to describe objects that connect to the internet and “talk” to one another. Think Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Home and Smart Lightbulbs.

Travel companies are already experimenting with these. Last year Disney introduced tech-enabled wristband worn by guests. These included details of everything from dining reservations, itineraries and payment methods.

Delta also launched an IoT-enabled global bag-tracking system, so travellers can keep track of bags throughout their journey.

IOT technology will soon be used to send messages to airport users, advising them of queue times, marketing messages from nearby businesses and more.

Hotels are investing in systems where guests can unlock their room doors with a smartphone and sensory lighting and temperature systems change depending on a person’s movement and activity.

Go Beyond

Here at Beyond Business Travel we offer access to our state of the art technology and digital services at no extra cost, if you book your travel with us.

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