Updates on Travel Restrictions

Managing Director of Beyond Business Travel discusses what’s happening in the business travel sector. 

Irish Road Map: Hotel Quarantine Updates

Updates from the Irish government

First is the date of the 19th of July where non essential international travel has been announced on the Irish government road map. 

Secondly, from last Friday, Irish government have removed a number of countries from their hotel quarantine list, those countries are Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Brussels and the United States. Gives travellers more confidence that the concern that they need to quarantine when they return is not there. Positive news and moving travel in the right direction. 

Tips for Travelling During Covid Times

Our travel consultants have been booking travel and talking to the traveller before, during and after their trips. To help travellers we have pulled together a top 10 hints and tips based on the information that we have gathered over the past number of weeks that you can find here.

How Beyond Business Travel Can Help

We know everyone wants to travel, we are here to help you book your travel, give you travel restriction information, to provide the correct forms and most importantly we are here to hand hold you through every part of the journey. 

If you have any questions, please ask me or contact any of our travel consultants.

We’re here to help you travel, help you make those smart decisions and help you travel safely.  #smarttravel

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